Webelos Citizen Jeopardy Game


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From our first Roundtable as Webelos Scout leaders we heard suggestions about creating a Citizen Jeopardy Game to make teaching citizenship more fun. Some of the trainers even had elaborate set-ups for game play within the den. We used some of these once or twice and even created our own, but were never completely satisfied. Some of the problems with previous games were that they did not contain all of the requirements and, therefore, it was left to the leader to sort out what was done and what still needed to be completed, or that the information did not completely match what was in the handbook. In addition, none of the games we saw were so ambitious as to attempt Double Jeopardy or Final Jeopardy. So, we decided that we needed to really dig in and use the technology available to us in creating a comprehensive Citizen Jeopardy Game for Webelos Scouts. And here it is!

In this game, literally every part of every requirement for the Citizen Activity Badge is referenced. Even all of the optional requirements that the scouts only need to do two of are in there. (These are marked with an asterisk in the game.) The scouts are asked to describe their service project or the chores they did around home for this badge. Nothing is left out. Another thing we did was to go strictly “by the book” for answers and questions (remembering that in Jeopardy the “answers” are provided and the correct response is a “question”). Unfortunately, not every “question” will be in the book (imagine the impossibility of printing lists of all the local government officials, much less reprinting whenever they changed) but most are, and the rest are not hard to find. Some will be matters of opinion. Others will ask for one or more responses from a list of several possibilities. These are up to the leaders to decide if the response given is correct. It is highly recommended that you find the correct responses before you begin playing. To aid in this we have provided the Citizen Jeopardy Answer Sheet which lists all the “answers” that the scouts will need to provide “questions” for. The numbers at the end of each answer references the Webelos requirement the answer comes from. Some of these requirements were broken down into smaller component parts, hence the 4.1 or 15.2, etc. These should become self-explanatory when you begin looking at these documents more closely.

This game is designed to help the scouts study at home and to provide a fun activity to do together in the den. Either way, at some point it becomes necessary to determine which “answers” the scouts gave correct “questions” for. This is the point behind the Citizen Jeopardy Score Sheet. It can be used as a simple “check sheet” for a single scout by checking the appropriate box for each correct response, or, it can be used for full den play by writing the scout’s name, or initials, in the box corresponding with each correct response given by that scout. Then the leaders can go back and document which scouts passed off which requirements. Be careful with this documentation. As mentioned previously, many of the requirements are broken down into smaller parts. Just because a scout answers a question correctly, does not necessarily mean he has passed off the full requirement. Pay close attention to the score sheet when signing off these requirements.

Have Fun!

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