Grand Canyon Council
PowWow 2011

Cub Scouts Save the World!
One I.D.E.A. at a Time

PowWow 2011 Handouts by Section

Committee Basics

01A Pack Administration (Word Document)
01B Grow Your Pack - Recruiting (pdf)
01C Key Pack Helpers - Pack Organization (pdf)
01D Advancement Record - Bear (Word Document)
01D Advancement Record - Webelos Scout Trail (pdf)
01D Advancement Record - Webelos Scout Trail (Microsoft Excel)
01D Advancement Record - Wolf (Word Document)
01D Faith in God and Cub Scouting Comparison Chart (pdf)
01D Faith in God and Cub Scouting Comparison Chart (Microsoft Excel)
01D Letter - Welcome to Cub Scouts (Word Document)
01D Priesthood - Primary Leader Specific Training (Word Document)
01D Scouting at the LDS Ward Level - Course Outline (Word Document)
01D Scouting at the LDS Ward Level - Detailed Outline (Word Document)
01D Scouting at the LDS Ward Level (Power Point)
01E Awards from the Heart (Word Document)
01E Blue and Gold Banquet (pdf)
01E Centerpiece Price List (pdf)
01E Centerpiece Thank You (Word Document)
01F Cubmobile Diagram (pdf)
01F Pinewood Derby Rules (Rich Text Format)
01F Planning Special Events (Word Document)
01F Regatta and Space Derby Planning (Word Document)
01F Space Derby - Chairperson Instructions (Rich Text Format)
01G Pinewood Derby - Building the Car (pdf)
01G Pinewood Derby History Quiz (pdf)
01G Pinewood Derby (Power Point)

Program Enrichment

02B Flag Etiquette (pdf)
02B Flag Folding (pdf)
02B Flag Posting of Colors (pdf)
02C Internet Resources (Power Point)
02D Faith in God Program (Word Document)
02F Arizona Resources (Word Document)

Pack Skills

03B Pack Pizzazz (Power Point)
03C Cubmasters 101 (pdf)
03D Campfire Program Planner (Word Document)
03E Leave No Trace (pdf)
03E Teaching Leave No Trace to Cub Scouts - Resources (Word Document)
03F Skits 101 (Word Document)
03F Skits 102 (Word Document)

Den Survival

05A Model Den Meetings (Word Document)
05C Planning for Advancement- The New Delivery Method (Word Document)
05F Hiking with Cub Scouts (Word Document)

Den Enhancement

06A Den Pizzazz (Word Document)
06B Games (Word Document)
06C Music - Core Value Songs (Word Document)
06D Cub Scout Magic - Additional Tricks (Word Document)
06D Cub Scout Magic (Word Document)
06E A Backyard Bird Guide (pdf)
06E Activities (pdf)
06E Animal Tracks (pdf)
06E Cubbing without Walls (pdf)
06E Den Activities (pdf)
06E Leaf Quiz (pdf)
06E Outdoor Hazards (pdf)
06E Painted Desert Trail (pdf)
06E Plaster Casts of Animal Tracks (pdf)
06E The Rock Cycle (pdf)
06E Unscramble the name of these Birds (pdf)
06G Cubs in the Kitchen (Word Document)
06H Cub Grub - Recipes and Ideas Galore (Word Document)
06H Cub Grub (Word Document)


07A Webelos Community Skills (pdf)
07E Webelos Technology Skills (Word Document)
07G Arrow of Light and Other Ceremonies (Word Document)


08A Crafts on a Shoestring (pdf)
08C Woodworking with Cub Scouts (Power Point)
08D Clip Board (pdf)
08D Cotton Candy (pdf)
08D Cupcakes (pdf)
08D Duct Tape Rose (pdf)
08D Miscellaneous (pdf)
08D Scouting with a Neckerchief (pdf)
08D The Shirt (pdf)
08D The Slide Show (pdf)
08F Whittling Chip (pdf)

About the Boys

09A Ages and Stages - Teaching Strategies (Word Document)
09A Ages and Stages (Power Point)
09D Bullying Prevention and Intervention (Word Document)
09F Using Denners and Den Chiefs (Word Document)

Committee Mini-Sessions

10B Yearly Pack Planning Conference (Word Document)
10C Continuum of Training (Word Document)
10C Cub Leader Award Cards (zip)
10C Scouting Journey to Excellence (pdf)
10C Training Matrix (pdf)
10D Dealing with Difficult Parents (pdf)
10G Tour Permits Discussion Sheet (Word Document)

Pack Mini-Sessions

11A Belt Loops and Pins Pictures (pdf)
11A Den Recognition Reports - BL and Pins (pdf)
11A Sports and Academics Program (Word Document)
11B Storytelling Basics (Rich Text Format)
11E Tracking Advancement (pdf)

Den Mini-Sessions

12D Bald Eagle Fourth of July Wreath (pdf)
12D Bald Eagle Paper Bag Craft (pdf)
12D Bald Eagle Toilet Paper Roll Craft (pdf)
12D Den Doodle Ideas (pdf)
12E Encourage Creative Thinking (Word Document)
12G Fishing for Fun (Word Document)